When a Writer Can't Write

Sometimes life gets away from us and we become so busy we don't have time for the thing that makes us, us. We've been RV shopping lately. There's a long story there, that I hope to share one day in the near future. It's a story that isn't quite fully written yet, but I'm interested in learning the outcome. Anyway, the RV shopping, and browsing, test-driving and planning has taken up all of my precious time and mental resources to the point where I haven't been writing.

I have ideas to share, but it's been weeks since I was diligently writing every day and I feel rusty, out of practice. Unable to find my flow.

So this weekend, I hope to carve some time out in all of this madness to write a few words for Medium, and a few words that aren't true for the sake of my sanity. (Writing fiction helps me sort my thoughts.) And get some of this stuff that on the inside out...all while browsing Winnebagos.